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  • MOUNT BAKER: Eruptive history, hazards, research.

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New Geology hiking guide published on this website: Ridley Creek Trail, Mount Baker

Link to Ridley Creek Trail geology guide:


Foot bridge over the Middle Fork

Foot bridge over the Middle Fork

Ridley Creek Trail begins at the end of the Middle Fork Nooksack Road on the southwest flank of Mount Baker. The trail accesses the heather meadows of Mazama Park and on to Park Butte Lookout. Along the way see forested latest Pleistocene moraines, glacial till from Canada complete with quartzite pebbles from the Rocky Mountains, limestone, lahar and ash deposits, a close up of the Cathedral Crag lava that predates Mount Baker, and finally, great views of Baker, the Black Buttes, and that enigmatic slice of the mantle, the Twin Sisters Range. Read the geology guide here.  Enjoy!

Dave Tucker

Mount Baker calendars! Scurlock photos!

The 2013 Mount Baker calendar features aerial views by John Scurlock. Click to enlarge.

Mount Baker Volcano Research Center is selling 2013 calendars featuring photos of Mount Baker. Each month has either a stunning aerial view by John Scurlock, or a geologic feature by Dave Tucker. Calendars are full-color, 11″ x 17″ [opened] and cost $25. Some important dates in Mount Baker history are included.

Order your calendar from the online printer/retailer Lulu. Go directly to the Lulu MBVRC calendar page ,where you can also preview the photos in the calendar. Holidays are approaching [hint, hint] so buy as many as you wish. Proceeds support the MBVRC research and education fund. The calendar can also be seen on the MBVRC post. Support independent publishing: Buy this calendar on Lulu.

Baker field guide published on line

For those of you who don’t subscribe to the Mount Baker Volcano Research Center website, here’s some news.

A field guide to Mount Baker deposits is available via link from the MBVRC site. The link takes you to a guide written by Dave Tucker and Kevin Scott for a Northwest Geological Society field trip in September, 2010. The guide describes Holocene lavas, lahars, and tephras in the Baker River valley, and the Pleistocene Kulshan caldera and Pinus Lava flow on the northeast flank of Mount Baker.

The trip guide is written by Dave Tucker (WWU) and Kevin Scott (USGS). The two-day trip was held in September 2010. It visited the Baker Lake side on Day 1- Holocene lahars, the Sulphur Creek lava flow, and tephras. Day 2 of the guide visits the volcano’s north east flank: Heather Meadows, the Kulshan caldera, and Pinus Plateau lava. The guide includes maps and color photos.

For a list of NWGS guides, go here.

Report on the November MBVRC field trip to Schreiber’s Cone and Sulphur Creek lava

A report on last month’s Mount Baker Volcano Research Center fundraiser field trip has been posted on the MBVRC update blog. Go here to read it.  There are a few photos. Stay tuned for the next field trip announcement.

Subscribers to this and the MBVRC update blog are the first to hear about upcoming guided field trips. Subtle hint.


Mount Baker Volcano Research Center T-shirts

There are a few Mount Baker Volcano Research Center fund raiser shirts left. Remaining sizes are all mens Large and X-large. Funds raised from the sale of these popular shirts are held by the non-profit to benefit research on the active Mount Baker volcano.

Click to enlarge.

The shirt comes with the logo as you see it, but you don’t get Pliny the Younger to wear it around for you. Sorry. Pay no heed to the order deadline, it is first come first served until gone.

Long sleeves  XL: chestnut brown, forest green [1 each].  $20 each

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Short sleeves XL: royal blue [2].  $15 each

First come first served. To order your shirt, go to the MBVRC t-shirt page now and follow ordering instructions. Remember, the available colors, styles and sizes are those listed above, not the ones original offered on the MBVRC website.