Debris flow video- MUST SEE

If you like watching video of dynamic geologic events, watch this one!

It shows a debris flow in a channel pulsing through the Austrian mountain town of Virgen following heavy rain in late August, 2012, and is incredible. Watch for large floating boulders, carried along on the dense flow of sediment. This is one of the top debris flow videos ever made, on a par with the one made by Kevin Scott of the USGS when he was working in the Jangjia Ravine in China.

The Austrian video comes our way from the Landslide Blog, always worth checking out.

Field excursion to the giant Capricorn Creek debris flow, Lillooet River valley, British Columbia


View to west. The Capricorn debris flow descended Mount Meager's east flank into Meager Creek, jogged north slightly, then spilled down Lillooet River (foreground). The BC campground is just out of view at bottom right. Click to enlarge, Photo T. Spurgeon


Terry Spurgeon has contributed another field trip to this website. This one visits the distal deposits of the August 6, 2010 Capricorn Creek debris flow, one of the largest observed in Canada’s history. This flow initiated high on the east flank of Mount Meager, an active volcano west of Pemberton, BC. The flow entered Meager Creek and blocked it, then surged into the Lillooet River valley, leaving behind a devastated zone of mud, boulders, trees, and ruined roads and bridges.