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Additions to the Chuckanut fossil gallery at WWU Geology

Tracks of a heron-like bird in the Chuckanut Formation. Thanks to the anonymous woman who allowed me to use her finger for scale.

A number of new rock slabs with fossilized foot prints of Eocene animals have been added to the Chuckanut fossil display at WWU. Visit the webpage on Northwest Geology Field trips.

The exhibit contains new sets of tracks of the giant flightless bird Diatryma, carnivorous creodonts, herons, tapirs, and a goose-like bird, as well as a Diatryma skull reconstruction and two original Eocene dioramas by Marlin Peterson.

Go straight to the webpage.

More on the Diatryma footprint

See the preceeding post for the world-premier announcement of this fossil find, and also go to the full story on this website, here.

The Bellingham Herald gave front page coverage to the discovery and airlift of the Diatryma foot track. Read it and see the photo gallery here.

Famed photographer John Scurlock was a member of our ad hoc Big Bird Rescue Committee, and his gallery of photos is here.

The Big Bird Herd and some friends. Top row, L to R: Scott Linneman, Dave Sonnen, Sue Madsen, Tom Borst, Dave Tucker. Bottom: Keith Kemplin, Don Hopkins, George Mustoe, Steve James, John Scurlock. Photo by J. Scurlock.

Giant Eocene bird footprint rescued!


The slab bearing the Diatryma and other bird tracks measures 28 x 26 cm. Click to enlarge any image.

The fossilized footprint of Diatryma, a giant flightless bird, has been found in the Eocene Chuckanut Formation in Whatcom County, northwest Washington State. Read the full story and see photos at Northwest Geology Field trips here.

No, this isn’t a field trip. But, you can make your own jaunt to see this remarkable, one-of-a-kind-in-the-world fossil when it goes on display at Western Washington University later this year.

This skeleton is in Helsinki, but came from Wyoming [reproduction?]

This skeleton is in Helsinki, but came from Wyoming