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Source area for Leschi erratic?

Reader Wes Gannaway, a paleontologist in Bellingham, suggests the source area for the bivalve-bearing Leschi erratic could be the rocks around Harrison Lake, BC. He has only seen the photos posted here of the fossils in the erratic, so this is remains a hypothesis only, but I think it is a reasonable one. I have […]

The fossil-rich erratic at Leschi Park

By Dave Tucker; science contributions by Doug McKeever and Wes Gannaway Original heads up and photos by Darryl Howe An interesting fossiliferous erratic has been found following recent trail work in the upper part of Leschi Park in Seattle. Location is along a new section of trail just west of Lake Washington Blvd and south […]

The making of the ‘Levitating Sphere’ sculpture, Whatcom CC

Happy New Year, everyone! I just stumbled across the website for the Seattle Solstice stone sculpture company. These are the folks who made the wonderful “Levitating Sphere” sculpture in front of Kulshan Hall at Whatcom Community College. Go to their webpage , click ‘portfolio’ and then visit ‘works in progress’. The upper of the two […]

Very large, glacially scoured Chuckanut slab, Samish Hill, Bellingham

By Dave Tucker  March 18, 2010 This site is destroyed by construction. See later post, here. Still worth reading about, at least! A remarkable slab of striated Chuckanut Formation sandstone and a little pebble conglomerate lies in a construction zone on the crest of Samish Hill. Deforestation and land clearing began in 2009; the developer […]


This page lists field trips in various geographical categories, so you can find trips that are near each other. The list is updated whenever a new trip is added to the website. A primer on the UTM geographic coordinate system used on this website is here. Lower Mainland of British Columbia: Aldergrove: the Aldergrove erratic […]

The Aldergrove, BC, erratic, a.k.a. ‘Big Rock’

The Aldergrove, BC Erratic (aka ‘Big Rock’) By Dave Tucker and Terry Spurgeon. January 21, 2010 The mammoth Aldergrove erratic is in Aldergrove, British Columbia, just 1/2 mile north of the US-Canada border. This erratic is 36 feet x 40 feet (10.8 x 12 m) at the base, and all of 26 feet (nearly 8 […]

Newly excavated erratics in Ferndale

Two large erratics have been excavated in a new housing development in Ferndale, Washington. They were found during construction at Malloy Village, which is north of Ferndale High School. The developers, Michael and Katharine, moved them to the new neighborhood park. While looking on the internet for information on erratics, Katharine found the Donovan erratic […]

Point Whitehorn, Whatcom County

  By Dave Tucker. December 27, 2009 with UPDATES from November 2020. Point Whitehorn Marine Reserve is a Whatcom County Park along the bluffs north of the Cherry Point refineries, and south of Birch Bay. The geologic highlights are 1) the till forming the bluffs at the beach, and 2) the great variety of erratic […]

Bellingham area glacial erratics

By Dave Tucker. December 12, 2009 These erratics are close enough to Bellingham that you can walk, ride a bike, or take the bus. They include: The Donovan Avenue erratic The Arroyo Park erratic (scroll down) THE DONOVAN AVENUE ERRATIC, BELLINGHAM This conglomerate erratic is at the east end of Donovan Avenue in Bellingham. It […]

Glacial erratic geology field trips

A glacial ‘erratic’  is a rock fragment carried by glacial ice and transported some distance from the outcrop from which it was derived, and generally resting on bedrock of a different type* [although glacial or alluvial sediment may directly underlie the erratic. Although technically the dimensions of erratics include pebbles, these trips visit BIG erratics […]