Wrong date for Bellingham presentation

I will be at the Bellingham REI on NOVEMBER 9 to talk about my book, Geology Underfoot in Western Washington. I mistakenly listed it as October 9th elsewhere.



Need YOUR help for 2nd printing!Geology Underfoot in Western Washington

Geology Underfoot in Western Washington is headed to a second printing! Yes, the last of the first 5000 copies are going fast.

Have you noticed any errors? Incorrect calculations? Please send these via comment on this post or email to me: tuckerd  at   geol.wwu.edu  . Include where to find the mistake: ‘near top of page x’, or ‘in the middle of page y’, or  ‘caption to the second figure on page z’. Please include the error as printed and the correction, This is not a revision, just tidying up the errata in the first issue. Please get these to me ‘very fast’. As in really quickly. YOu know, pronto!


Dave Tucker

New field trip posted: Geology guide to the Hidden Lakes Trail, North Cascades

The best of the dike exposures is just west of the saddle between the two Hidden Lakes Peaks

The best of the dikes is just west of the saddle between the two Hidden Lakes Peaks. Click to enlarge.

This summer I hiked the gorgeous Hidden Lakes Trail to the eponymous restored fire lookout. A wonderful, all day geology hike, to one of the most breathtaking views into the glaciated peaks of North Cascades National Park. I just completed and published the Hidden Lakes geo guide.

Here you can see ancient Napeequa schist, the granodiorite that intrudes it, several volcanic ash layers, dark dikes cutting the granodiorite, and some wall-rock xenoliths in the granodiorite just below the lookout. Get going my friends, snow is coming.

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Upcoming Geology Underfoot author talks: Bellingham Oct 9; Port Townsend Oct 15; Port Angeles Oct 16

Come here the back story about Geology Underfoot in Western Washington, I will be selling and signing copies

Port Townsend Public Library, October 15, 7 PM

Port Angeles Libary, October 16, 7 PM.

Snohomish, October 24th, 4PM, Upper Case Bookshop, 1010 2nd St – Unit B.

Bellingham, WWU Library, November 5th, 4 PM.

Bellingham REI, November 9, 6 PM. A small space so get there early!

See you there!

Mobile users: Displaying this website on your smart phone

I don’t have a smart phone. So I didn’t know this until the other day. If you use a mobile device, this website may not display well. You can fix that- I just figured out how. Bring up this page on your device, and scroll aaaaaaall the way to the bottom. There will be an option to ‘display full website’ or something to that effect. Tap that, and voila, the website will look like it is designed to on a desktop, with all the tabs. Much easier to find your way around. OK, so maybe I’m just a troglodyte [thanks to Spiro T. Agnew for popularizing that wonderful word back in the 1970s] and everyone knows how to do this. But I suspect some folks don’t because they have mentioned this problem to me. Give it a try. What I don’t know is whether this will always open this website to the full screen view, or whether you have to do that every time. Someone please let me know via comment.

Your semi-luddite friend.


Author presentations- Geology Underfoot in Western Washington

Geology Underfoot cover art by Eric Knight in poster format. 20

Geology Underfoot cover art by Eric Knight in poster format. 20″ x 28″. Great for class-room walls! Click to enlarge.

I have been busy booking author presentations for the following places. Geology Underfoot in Western Washington will be for sale [$24], as will the fabulous posters of the book’s cover showing a future eruption of Mount Rainier [$15]. More dates are being arranged. Subscribe to this website via email or RSS to stay posted.

EDMONDS September 14. Ice Age floods Institute meeting (open to the public). Visit ‘my book’ tab for details.

ANACORTES. September, Date/Time TBA. Watermark Books.

PORT TOWNSEND October 15, 7 PM, Public Library.

PORT ANGELES October 16, 7 PM, Public Library. Sponosred by Port Books and News.

SNOHOMISH October 24, 4 PM. Sponsored by Uppercase Book Store.

BELLINGHAM November 5th, 4- 5:30 Map Room (Wilson 170), WWU Library,

BELLINGHAM November 9th, REI 6 PM.

LONGVIEW November 30th, Public Library, Time TBA

Still in the works: SEATTLE ; TACOMA

Too High and Too Steep- A New Book about reshaping Seattle’s topography

Book Launch

University Bookstore, Seattle, September 9 7 PM

My good friend David B. Williams’ new book, Too High and Too Steep: Reshaping Seattle’s Topography is coming out September 9th. The book explores the massive excavation necessary to remove rocks and till to regrade downtown Seattle, dig the Ship Canal, fill the tideflats. That nasty geology was in the way, see? The big book launch will be on September 9 at the University Book Store. You will be able to buy the book there and DavdI will be signing. I can’t wait to get my copy!

Village Books, Bellingham, on Wednesday, September 16, at 7pm.

Here is a link to David’s web page on the book: http://geologywriter.com/books/too-high-and-too-steep/

Village Books hasn’t yet posted the reading on their events page but I will pass that along when it appears.

Mounds left during sluicing of Denny Hill. Asahel Curtis photo, 1910.

Mounds left during sluicing of Denny Hill. Asahel Curtis photo, 1910. Click to enlarge and see people for scale.


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