Diatryma paper is published

By Dave Tucker November 15, 2012 A journal paper about the giant Chuckanut bird tracks attributed to Diatryma giganteus has been published. The authors are George Mustoe, Dave Tucker and Keith Kemplin (George and Keith are the codiscoverers of the tracks). The paper is published in the journal Palaeontology. This enlightened journal allows dissemination of […]

Diatryma painting time lapse video

Marlin Peterson has made a new portrait of the 7-foot-tall flightless Eocene bird Diatryma. He donated a print to go along with the fossilized footprint we have on display at the WWU geology department. To see a youtube time lapse of Marlin making the painting, click here. It is pretty entertaining. Marlin’s painting reflects the […]

Diatryma track now on public display at WWU

The track of the extinct giant flightless bird Diatryma is now on public display at Western Washington University. The track can be found just inside the main entrance to the Environmental Studies Building. Read about the exhibit here on Northwest Geology Field Trips.

Ancient track of giant bird Diatryma now on display at WWU

By Dave Tucker  October 19, 2010. A brand new hallway display at Western Washington University prominently features the 11-inch foot track of Diatryma, a 7-fo0t-tall flightless bird that roamed the river plains of western Washington in the Eocene, 50 million years ago. The track was recovered from debris exposed in the Racehorse Creek landslide of […]

More on the Diatryma footprint

See the preceeding post for the world-premier announcement of this fossil find, and also go to the full story on this website, here. The Bellingham Herald gave front page coverage to the discovery and airlift of the Diatryma foot track. Read it and see the photo gallery here. Famed photographer John Scurlock was a member […]

Giant bird Diatryma footprint found in Whatcom County

By Dave Tucker June 30, 2010 FOSSIL FOOT PRINT OF GIANT EOCENE BIRD, DIATRYMA, FOUND IN CHUCKANUT FORMATION A 50-million-year-old fossilized footprint of Diatryma, a giant flightless bird, has been found in the Eocene Chuckanut Formation in Whatcom County, northwest Washington State. The single three-toed footprint measures 25 x 27.5 cm (10 by 11 in) and […]

The Seattle mammoth tusk – a first hand account

Whether you were caught up in the ballyhoo over last week’s mammoth tusk find in Seattle, or not, you may find a first-hand report by UW biology grad student Dave DeMar of interest. Dave was one of the small crew who excavated the tusk. Click to read Dave’s posting. Also, here is a link to […]

Welcome new subscribers

January 1, 2014. Happy New Year! Many thanks and a big welcome to the 154 people who have subscribed to this website in the past year. There are now 538 subscribers. Posts have not been very frequent because I put most of my writing energy this year into finishing my book, Geology Underfoot in Western […]

Racehorse Landslide Fossil Beds- big rockfall; trail is brushed out

George Mustoe (WWU Geology Department) visited the famous Chuckanut fossils in the Racehorse Fossil Beds a few days ago. He sends a report  on trail access. (If you aren’t familiar with this place up the Nooksack east of Bellingham, this is the site of the 2009 landslide that exposed the 11-inch-wide foot prints of the […]

New Eocene painting at WWU Geology museum

The corridor geology exhibits at WWU’s Geology Department features a new diorama by Marlin Peterson. He earlier painted a Diatryma to go along with the giant bird’s footprint on display.(time lapse video of his effort painting the giant bird). The new painting is on the first floor of the ES building, just beyond the western […]