Rock Trail in the Chuckanuts updated

I updated my geo guide to the Rock Trail in Larrabee State Park; I hiked it last Friday on a gorgeous warm spring day. This is one of my favorite geology hikes in the park; I wrote the original description on this website shortly after the trail was finished in 2014. So, what’s new? A ways beyond the last high sandstone wall I came across a new [to me] exposure of sandstone, scoured and cleaned off. Looks like the overlying soil and vegetation slid off and the beautiful rock has since been been flushed clean by heavy rains. The slab reveals some very fine cross beds so I added this near the end of the guide. Go now- before the trees leaf out there are views east to snowy Mount Baker and the Sisters Range.

Cross-bedded stream sand in the ‘pale slab’.

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  1. Yo, Good to see more information about the Park. You must know it better than anyone!!!!




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