About these field trips- they are not actually ‘virtual’.

Dear friends and subscribers,

There seems to be considerable misunderstanding of my use of the term ‘virtual’ field trip. I do not actually lead the field trips i publish on this website. I write them up so YOU can go do them yourself; they are intended to be self guided. My apologies for misunderstandings and apparent misuse of the term. I will no longer these field trips as ‘virtual’, as that apparently implies you can ‘join me’ on line somehow.

It is my hope you will find field trips to places near you, or that pique your interest, and go there. You can take along the website on a smart phone, or use the tips here to show you how to efficiently print out the trip on actual real paper.

Dave Tucker

3 Responses

  1. I may not be the sharpest rock in the box, but I understood your meaning that the field trips were self-guided. I intend to visit a few of your recommendations on Whidbey and Fidalgo this coming week. There’s one spot I’m not sure I can get to without a 3 mile hike. The outcrop of rocks NE of Blower’s Bluff interests me. Klootchman Rock may be some of the same terrane.

  2. Racehorse Creek experienced a 2.1 magnitude quake 12-29-2020. Has anyone taken a look to see if any more fossils were exposed? Bob

    • fossilsfriend and all,
      Earthquakes with magnitude below 3.0 are generally not felt. Even if there was discernible shaking on the surface at Racehorse Creek, it is is unlikely that new fossils would be exposed unless the main 80-foot-hihg cliff face, beyond the ridge at the top of the slope the trail ascends,which very few people visit, shed some rocks.
      Dave Tucker

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