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Coming up: Excelsior Trail geology guide

P1040886 50. mark

Looking west along Excelsior Ridge from just below the pass.

In the next couple of days I plan to post a geology guide to the Excelsior Pass Trail. The trailhead is near Nooksack Falls; the trail climbs out of the North Fork Nooksack valley to Excelsior Pass. The trail ascends through the Jurassic Wells Creek Volcanic Member of the Nooksack Formation; I wrote of them waaaaay back in 2010, here. Find the glory of flower meadows and views and, at the pass, the reach small exposures of conglomerate and breccia in the slightly younger Nooksack Formation.

P1040881a 50 mark

A fragment of greenstone from the Wells Creek volcanics. Exposure to the atmosphere and water has produced the 1-cm-thick weathering rind on two sides of this bit of rock, but the greenish rock in the center is fresh greenstone- at one time a submarine volcanic deposit.

4 Responses

  1. Please, tell us what that mysterious hole on the way up is.

  2. Hi Dave
    Do you know of the massive boulder at Rosario (Deception pass) that has become quite popular with climbers. It is referred to as “The refrigerator”
    It has beautiful gouges from glacial activity. Or at least that’s what I’ve always presumed. Have always wondered if it’s an erratic or a native and if you would know anything else about it.


    • Sorry Hulya, I don’t know this boulder. Any photos? Can you tell me how to find it? Dave

    • Hi Hulya. I found pictures and the location on line. I don’t know anything about this rock wall, but will have to go check it out. Thanks for the tip. Dave

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