Geology field guide to the Blue Lake Trail, Washington Pass area.

As promised, I just published a geology guide to the Blue Lake Trail. Find it here. This is a deservedly popular hike off Highway 20 near Washington Pass. It skirts below the pointy crags of Liberty Bell and the Early Winters Spires, composed of a true granite- a very unusual rock in the North Cascades. But there is also some other cool geology at Blue Lake. Go to the page, read up, and get set for a gorgeous 4.4 mile round trip geo-trip. It’s a pretty easy hike. Really. And maybe a swim. (Geeez, but the water is so cold. Or so I hear. I, of course, wouldn’t think of swimming in that lake.)

P1080890 rsz mark

The Liberty Bell and Early Winters peaks east of Blue Lake.


2 Responses

  1. Hi Dave, Nice field trip. I would have clicked like, but I’m not registered in WordPress.

    Did you consider whether that hornfels is cordierite spotted hornfels?

    • Thanks for the comment, Ralph. I confess I don’t know much about cordierite, having only seen it in labs or thin sections. This seems a reasonable interpretation of the dark minerals in what I assume are the host rocks. Are you sufficieetnly familiar to identify in hand sample if I sent one a small one to you?

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