Sign up for Geology Field Trip: Schreibers Cinder Cone, Mount Baker


Mount Baker Volcano Research Center subscription website

8594 cropped mark The Schreibers Meadow cinder cone, south flank of Mount Baker, seen from the north. Click to enlarge.

The North Cascades Institute is offering a one day geo field trip to the Schreibers Meadow cinder cone on the south flank of Mount Baker. The trip is on Saturday, June 18, and is led by Dave Tucker, one of MBVRC’s directors. The trip includes bus transport from Sedro Woolley and a trip hand out.


The cinder cone is the best-preserved in the northern Cascades, a complete, isolated little hill containing to lakes in the unbreached, double crater. The hike to the cinder cone is 2 miles round trip, with little elevation gain until the end. Just up the trail from the parking lot we hike 1/4 mile cross country through the boggy huckleberry-covered Schreibers Meadows, then steeply up through the old growth for 100 feet or so to the forested…

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  1. Just FYI, I did try to sign up for this online, but the system choked and I had to call the center to get it straightened out. It only took half my registration: I signed up 2 people but it only took one, but evidently it took my payment for two. I got it straightened out on the phone, but… it would be nice if the online sign-up worked better? If possible?

    Really looking forward to the trip and I hope we get decent weather! peg

    • Sorry for your problem, Peg. Perhpas due to the rush to sign up. I don’t have any control of how NCI does registrations, so urge everyone to be ready to call in if this cfontinues to be a problem.

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