Need YOUR help for 2nd printing!Geology Underfoot in Western Washington

Geology Underfoot in Western Washington is headed to a second printing! Yes, the last of the first 5000 copies are going fast.

Have you noticed any errors? Incorrect calculations? Please send these via comment on this post or email to me: tuckerd  at  . Include where to find the mistake: ‘near top of page x’, or ‘in the middle of page y’, or  ‘caption to the second figure on page z’. Please include the error as printed and the correction, This is not a revision, just tidying up the errata in the first issue. Please get these to me ‘very fast’. As in really quickly. YOu know, pronto!


Dave Tucker


4 Responses

  1. Congrats’re a successful author! Àll the geologists I gave a copy to said it was awesome. I am proud of you

  2. PS: HELP not he;p ….(errata)…I do Love Irony

  3. I have just enjoyed reading it. I haven’t noticed any boo boos. I will ask Bob if he has. >

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