Mobile users: Displaying this website on your smart phone

I don’t have a smart phone. So I didn’t know this until the other day. If you use a mobile device, this website may not display well. You can fix that- I just figured out how. Bring up this page on your device, and scroll aaaaaaall the way to the bottom. There will be an option to ‘display full website’ or something to that effect. Tap that, and voila, the website will look like it is designed to on a desktop, with all the tabs. Much easier to find your way around. OK, so maybe I’m just a troglodyte [thanks to Spiro T. Agnew for popularizing that wonderful word back in the 1970s] and everyone knows how to do this. But I suspect some folks don’t because they have mentioned this problem to me. Give it a try. What I don’t know is whether this will always open this website to the full screen view, or whether you have to do that every time. Someone please let me know via comment.

Your semi-luddite friend.



3 Responses

  1. Not a Luddite but didn’t know. Thanks Kay

    Sent from my iPhone


  2. It looks fine to me on mobile. The only thing I’d say is, on mobile when you click the banner it takes you to which for some reason defaults to the About page and not to the blog itself, and it’s a little hard to get to the blog from there on mobile (you have to scroll waaaaay down past the comments). But generally looks good on mobile for me at least.

    I believe once someone clicks the full site option it stays that way until they clear their cookies from their browser.

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