Geology Underfoot in Western Washington- BOOK PRESENTATION in Seattle

Geology Underfoot cover art by Eric Knight in poster format.

Geology Underfoot poster art by Eric Knight. The actual posters have none of the text at center or lower right. $15.

University Bookstore

4326 University Way

Monday June 15

7 PM

I will talk about my book, Geology Underfoot in Western Washington. Signed books will be available for purchase [$24] as well as a color poster of the cover art- a hypothetical future eruption of Mount Rainier by Eric Knight- $15. The talk will focus on how I came to write the book, and some of the back story. I hope to meet many website subscribers.

Sincerely, Dave Tucker


3 Responses

  1. Well, for crying out loud. Now that YOU will be in Seattle again, I will be at the Oregon coast! I’ll get the book from either UW bookstore or Village Books in B’ham in July. Glad it’s a big sell out!!!

    Cheers C Consuelo Larrabee

  2. I have the book right here, and I like it very much. I really appreciate your including Donovan’s rock[s]. That street and its peculiar history was quite a feature of my early years, at least those I was privileged to spend in Bellingham.
    Thanks also for telling us what that glittering black stuff is in the Westlake station. [I identified the Morton Gneiss on my own.] Now, do you have any idea what the non-glittering, fine-grained black stuff is that’s in the University Street Station? And while I am at it, how about that pinkish granite-looking stuff on the outside of the ground floor of the Bon/Macy’s, that has clear bluish sparklies in it?

    • Glad you like the book [so far]. Sorry, I don’t know Seattle buildings other than the ones I write about in the book.

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