Yes, friends, the rumors are true. My book, Geology Underfoot in Western Washington, is slated for publication. I am having a book release ‘party’ at the Whatcom Museum on May 12th at 7 PM. Village Books is co-hosting and will have copies for sale. My presentation will be about how the book came to be, how I wrote it, how I made some of the many diagrams and maps, and a bit about what drove me to write it in the first place- YOU!!!!

Seating is limited to around 150. Doors open at 6:30. Get that hint? It is not intended to be subtle!

There will also be a ‘reading’ at University Bookstore in Seattle’s U District on May 13th, also at 7 PM.

There will be other book ‘readings’, although I can’t imagine actually reading a geology guide-book out loud. So, no reading, I promise. I will be speaking at various REI stores in the region later on, and I’m scheduling talks at other bookstores.


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  1. Congratulations! Can’t wait to get my signed copy and go on some field trips!


  2. Fantastic, Dave! Congratulations.

  3. This is very exciting news! My husband and I have been looking forward to the book – and are marking our calendar for this event!

  4. YYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!! Wish I could be there!

  5. Dave, You might check Orca Books in Olympia to see if they still do readings. Also Book ‘n Brush in Chehalis. Gee, it would be a great opportunity to take folks on a short virtual field trips in snapshot fashion, telling some stories about the places you cover in the book and what geologic coolness lurks on the trail or even at roadside vistas. That’s probably a good way to “read” such a book! Congrats on getting it done!

  6. This is awesome. You were a great resource during the Oso event and people should pay attention to your teachings.

  7. Congratulations Dave! I look forward to reading it.

  8. Dave
    Congratulations! Seems to confirm the notion that persistence and hard work can take one to the summit. Ramona turns 7 in April and I’m hoping to get an autographed copy for her birthday! See you soon!

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