Clay Banks landslide video is uploaded

View a 2 minute video on YouTube I made at the Clay Banks landslide toe Thursday. The vid is annotated and narrated.

The video is here:



4 Responses

  1. Are any plans being made to enlarge the river flow across the slide? Looks like a flood in the making when high water come!

    • Neil,
      There is no practical access to the landslide area. The river is doing a good job of cutting a channel around it. Immediately after the landslide, the river got started cutting a channel across the middle of the slide toe. This would naturally help drain when river levels rise. Plus the river channel is quite wide there. I really doubt a landslide could completely plug the channel- to do that, it would need to make it all the way across the gravel bar on the north side of the current river location, a distance of several hundred meters. I’m not responsible, however, if I am wrong on this one! DT

  2. Thanks for your reply and I hope that you are right. You can understand my concern as I live just above the problem area.
    Keep up your good work and your video was super good. NS

    • Thank you Neil. How far upriver do you live? Do you have access to the river shore? Can you see the Clay Banks from where you live?
      If you wish to reply privately, my email is tuckerd at geol dot wwwu dot edu

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