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Doctor Rock bites the dust

Back in November I confessed to you all in a post that I was being paid to write the Dr. Rock blog for the RVTravel.com website. Doc Rock got the axe today, victim to lack of excitement among the RV-attuned aficionados of the website. My screed did not bring in the bucks to support my meager wage of $50 per post. Readers were to send in their questions about roadside geology but few did and most of the questions from readers were actually from me or were plants from friends. I have lost my status as a ‘professional’ writer, and I am cast back into the amateur ranks, where I probably belong. Good while it lasted. Sigh.

I thought there were a few inspired posts at Dr. Rock.  Among Doctor Rocks own favorites was this one about the difference between ‘rocks’ and ‘stones’. I also like one I wrote back in March about finding dino fossils in New England, and one about meteor craters in the US.

So, if you were one of the cross-over readers, thanks for your mouse clicks at http://askdoc-rock.blogspot.com/

Now, time for a brew and a toast.

Unpaid ad. No endorsement is made or implied by using this image of a Caldera beer can.

No endorsement is made or implied by using this image of a Caldera IPA beer can.

Dr. Rock, aka Dave Tucker, unemployed geology writer.

5 Responses

  1. Stick with the volcanics, massive floods and them there erratics. We love you! It’s all gravel, right?

  2. We need Dr. Rock back!!!

  3. I still like your writing and have enjoyed this blog.
    Sorry to see Dr Rock didn’t make it. I didn’t find out about it until November and haven’t done any traveling since then, so had no questions for you. Now I wished I had had some questions for Dr Rock because it was nice to have had a place like that to refer to.
    Good luck with you other projects.

  4. Dave. I’m so sorry you didn’t get more traffic on your blog. I enjoyed reading it but never had questions since I’m not traveling around much. And when I do usually have a Roadside Geology book with me. Hope you have a great 2014. Karen

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