New book: The Modern Rockhounding and Prospecting Handbook

Modern Rockhounding &..Veteran rock hunter, writer and geologist Garret Romaine’s newest book is hot off the press. The Modern Rockhounding and Prospecting Handbook (Falcon Guides; $21.95) is a great reference. The book is availabe on line in many places; I won’t steer you toward any particular retailer. The book provides the knowledge you need to go from a person who likes to pick up pretty rocks to being an informed rock/mineral/fossil hunter. Garret’s book uses down-to-earth language to give you a basic overview of the geologic processes relevant to collectors; a list of common minerals, crystals, rocks, fossils, and where to start looking for them; how to collect them safely and legally; how to work in the field and the essential tools you need, such as hammers, picks, and hand lenses; and he explains what to do with your prizes when you get home from your road trip. He also tells you how to gain more knowledge: how to obtain geologic maps and how to use them, a list of blogs, and references. The book also features short interviews with collectors and geologists (including yours truly- blush).

Garret Romaine

Garret Romaine

Garret Romaine has an undergraduate degree in Geology, a masters in Geography, and also an MBA. He is the author of Rockhounding Idaho and Rocks, Gems, and Minerals (both FalconGuides) as well as Gem Trails of Oregon and Gem Trails of Washington, and is a columnist for Gold Prospectors magazine. He has a raft of YouTube videos about great outings in search of cool rocks and minerals:


2 Responses

  1. Is there a link to buy it online?

    • Pam,
      Just type the title of the book into a search engine and you’ll find plenty of ways to buy the book on the ‘net. Out of fairness, I don’t provide links to specific retailers.

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