I ar a perfeshunal jolojy riter!

Dear friends,

This photo appeared on teh 'meteor craters' post on Ask Dr. Rock.

This photo appeared on teh ‘meteor craters’ post on Ask Dr. Rock.

I have been hired by an acquaintence to produce a geology blog twice a month. It is called ‘Ask Doctor Rock’ and can be found at http://askdoc-rock.blogspot.com/. The blog is one of several associated with RVtravel.com based in Edmonds, Washington. I’ve been getting paid for my screed since last January. That makes me a perfeshunal riter.

The website’s many readers are invited to send questions about the roadside geology they see on their travels. Some ask about cool places to go so they can plan future trips. A few questions are more esoteric: “What’s the difference between the Cascades and Sierras?” The topics range pretty far from the bounds of Northwest Geology Field Trips: all the way to Florida and New England so far, but several have focused on places in the great Northwest, too. I recently wrote about the effects of sea level rise from global climate change, and got some unpleasant comments. That topic seems to anger some people. Ordinarily I write straight geology. I have to scramble to come up with good answers for questions about places I have never been to and rocks I have never seen. Ain’t the internet just great?

Readers from my website are welcome to send in questions. Write Dr. Rock (yers trooly) via a comment at the Dr. Rock blog.

This one illustrated "Why si the Midwest so flat?"

This one illustrated “Why is the Midwest so flat?”


3 Responses

  1. Hah! If youse was a reel perfeshunal yud no how to spell “Righter”.

  2. Congrats on the Dr. Rocks gig! Sounds like a lot of fun. You will no doubt continue to meet angry rock people who might agree with William Jennings Bryant’s famous words: “I care not for the age of rocks, I rest my faith on the rock of ages.”

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