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Geology Underfoot in Western Washington- news about the publication date.

Dear friends,

News received here at geo-central today is that my geology guide book, Geology Underfoot in Western Washington, will be published in 2014 by Mountain Press Publishers in Missoula. Here is a link to the other books in the series. I have only three chapters yet to write: Johnston Ridge at MSH, Nisqually Vista at Rainier [deals with the consequences of rapid glacier recession] and the Introduction. Three others are currently in peer review by geologists who are authorities on those specific places. The MS should go to the editor around the end of February this year [I do have other things to do, believe it or not]. Thanks to all for the encouragement in this long process. Now that you know more about a publishing date [vague as it is] you can start saving your pennies to buy a copy or two; it should be a good gift.  Once the book gets through revisions, I’ll publish a list of the chapters, and hopefully more news on the publication date.

Here is a photo from the book.

Here is a photo from the book.

Here’s a figure from one of the most recent chapters.

What do you think it is about?

11 Responses

  1. Congratulations! I hope you contribute many more titles to that excellent series.

  2. Lava lamp is probably on a chapter covering emplacement of plutons…either that, or you want to show off your vintage ’80s collection of cool stuff!

  3. Dave, great to see it becoming a reality….so what’s the story behind the lava lamp dent……

    • That dent is probably my cat’s fault. He tends to knock things around. Certainly nothing I did…I don’t think. I don’t really remember…what dent?

  4. The figure you show looks vaguely filmier from my past college life.
    I believe it was is some sort of artifact from an ancient fertility ritual. But I thought your book was going to be about geology???

    • Well, yes, it is about geology. But, now that you mention it Dave, have you heard the term ‘magma fertilization’? Refers to delivery of MORB magma and water into the depleted mantle above a subduction zone. The mantle is depleted of some of its chemical constituents during partial melting and the migration of magma out of the mantle and into the crust. Thanks for reminding me of the relevance of fertility rituals and geology.

  5. Congrats Dave, I can’t wait to see the book, especially now that I know it’s about ancient fertility rituals.

  6. Good example of magma displacing country rock downward leading to high temperature and high pressure metamorphism adjacent to the pluton margins.
    Oh and I am saving up for the book.

  7. I’m starting to save my pennies now. Good luck on getting it finished.

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