Online geology field trip: the Deadhorse Volcano, Skyline Divide, Mount Baker volcanic field

The last couple of miles of Skyline Divide. The Deadhorse Volcano is marked by the red pin and Hildreth’s unit designation ‘acr’. Click to enlarge.

A nearly unknown volcanic vent is exposed in cross section on a rock wall at the south end of Skyline Divide north of Mount Baker. Click here to read my on-line field guide to the informally named  “Deadhorse Volcano“. Yes, I know, winter approacheth, so chances to visit this eroded volcano are fast-slipping away. Hope for a weather break, or save this little gem until after the snow is gone next year. The snow that hasn’t fallen- yet.


3 Responses

  1. How close is someone able to get to it without climbing? My 8 year old is fascinated by volcanoes, but we’re not up to anything more than a simple hike.

    • Jennifer,
      You would need to hike 5.3 miles to the 6395′ viewpoint to see the cross section. It isn’t a simple hike. It is then not evidently a volcano unless you are familiar with the need to interpret the rocks. I’m concerned that an 8-year-old might not see a volcano, needing to take it on faith. It isn’t what I’d call a really thrilling geologic site except to the serious geo-junkie. Also, snow is coming, a colleague says he could see it down to 8000′ this morning. Not low enough to cover the rocks, but enough to be concerned about access in the very near future. DT

  2. I went to Squires Lk and Alger Alps–My first time I was not able to find my way to Algers Alp but then I found the map you had on your site and followed itl. It was very helpful! Thank you. It is a lovely hike and easy–in spite of the rain—started dry and ended up wet.

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