Virtual geology field trip: Cougar Divide

Acres of flowers and meadows on the crest of Cougar Divide. Did I say I like this hike? The snow fingers mark the Dobbs Creek headwaters, site of many dikes. Copyright Dave Tucker.

I have broken out of my writing doldrums and written a self-guided geology field trip to Cougar Divide on the north flank of Mount Baker. Figure I better provide people with a summertime hike before it is too late! This hike is mostly volcanic geology that long predates Mount Baker. In fact, the oldest dated rock in the Mount Baker volcanic field is found on the ridge crest. That alone makes this beautiful hike significant.

Read the field trip here.


3 Responses

  1. Dave. Hello. I’m a east coaster who lived in Lynnwood area couple years back. Had friend who lived outside darrington who showed me a book on historic and geologic areas of the cascades. In it was a brief map with location of plant fossil collecting area ( off mt loop. Highway. Never found that area but upon my return how do I get to it? I am told by many it’s legal to pick fossils there. Are there any other decent fossil. Collecting areas around there? Your site is the best! Thanks to all)

  2. Dave. Thank you very much and I look forward to exploring the geology of the great state of Washington. Glenn

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