Northwest Geology update.

Dear friends,

No, I haven’t fallen off the edge of the Earth. It has been a long time since I’ve had geology trips to pass along. But, now I have a couple of items for you.

First off, the Quimper Geologic Society [over in Lesser Port Townsend] recently held a field trip to Nodule Point, on Marrowstone Island. I didn’t publicise it on this website because it was already full with their group’s members. However, they have published a nice photo essay for the field trip, and you can see it here: I earlier wrote up virtual guide [click here to read it] to the beach exposures on this website, which used as a reference for the QGS field trip.

There are a few seats left for the MBVRC North Fork Nooksack field trip that Doug McKeever is leading on August 8. Details here. Reserve a spot [$75] by shooting an email to MBVRC expressing your interest:

This is not a link

The town of Urgup in Turkey’s Cappadocia district. It is set amidst eroded towers in a series of Miocene hot ash flows from a nearby caldera. Click to enlarge.

Work on my book has predictably stalled over the summer- real life and my own travels have intervened. Between a trip to Turkey (we did a Rick Steves tour, and there was fantastic volcanic topography), a recent paying geology j-j-j-job on the east flank of Baker for WA State DNR, and the upcoming gas sampling trip to Sherman Crater, there hasn’t been much opportunity to sit and write for more than a few minutes at a time. But, the publisher’s editor is patient and overloaded with other stuff right now anyway, so no worries.


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