Martha Lake erratic is all cleaned up!

Greg shows off the cleaned-up Martha Lake erratic. Spic and span! photo courtesy of Greg Kulseth. Click to enlarge.

Greg Kulseth reports this morning that the graffiti has been removed from the Martha Lake Erratic at Martha Lake Airport Park. The Snohomish County Parks Department also put up an interpretive sign about erratics: where they come from, how they get swept up into glaciers, and the extent of the last glacial maximum. The sign mentions the Lake Steven’s Erratic, and states that it may be the largest in the US.
Special thanks to David McConnell of the Parks Department, who, last I heard, was going to spearhead the cleanup, and to Greg for sending the good news.
I’ve updated the Martha Lake erratic webpage to show the now-cleaned up boulder.
Looking at my calendar, I see it is ‘Spring’. Looking out my window- hmmm. Oh, there’s a new snowdrop blooming, and maybe a leaf bud! Guess the calendar isn’t that far off, and the precession of the equinox marches on.

Have a good spring!


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