Hiatus- no new field trips for a while

Dear friends,

I’m taking a break from publishing new field trips on this website. I need to concentrate on my book, Geology Underfoot in Western Washingon, for a couple of months to meet my deadline for submitting the draft.

It is astonishing how much time it takes to write some of the field trips on this website: doing the field work and necessary literature research, digging up photos, making a map.  I’ll continue to put up short posts to notify you of presentations and other items of geologic interest in the Northwest Corner. But no new field trips. Go out and enjoy the many self-guided field trips already posted, or write up new ones yourself for me to post when I’m ready.


Dave Tucker


5 Responses

  1. Thanks for the meticulous work you do that makes this a “GREAT” site.

  2. Thank you, Caveman. Go have a good time in this wonderful weather.

  3. Happy writing ~ looking forward to your book & greatly appreciate your site helping us understand what we see on our explores, as well as the greater geologic context of our favorite corner of the world! Many thanks.

  4. Dave, good luck with your draft….I am looking forward to your book. I will tell you how my own SJI geological overview/fieldtrip on Orcas is progressing.


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