Northwest Earthquakes Blog

I have just learned of a blog dedicated to earthquakes in the Pacific Northwest- Northwest Earthquakes blog. There is an initial focus on the 2001 Nisqually ‘quake, but lots of info on many others. On it you’ll find links to all sorts of things, including to priceless audio of the much-missed Dave Niehaus calling a Mariners game in 1996* when an earthquake shook the Kingdome. Definitely worth listening to. The blog is managed by Arne Christensen. His most recent post is something of an exception to the blog’s focus: an interview with Jay Feldman, who in 2005 wrote When the Mississippi Ran Backwards, a book about the New Madrid earthquakes of 1811 and 1812, and the Anglo and Indian cultures impacted by the quakes.


*And, if you don’t remember: 1996 was a good, but not good enough, year for the M’s, after the incredible photo-finish hysteria of ’95. They ended the season finishing second in the American League West,with a record of 85-76, five games behind the division leading Rangers. The Mariners scored more runs during the 1996 regular season (993) than any other MLB team. In addition, four Mariners scored at least 100 runs and four drove in at least 100 runs.

So if you are


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