Swift Creek landslide update- trouble brewin’?

Scott Linneman at the time-lapse camera site, Swift Creek landslide. Click to enlarge.

Back in March 2010, I posted a virtual field trip to the Swift Creek Landslide, on the west slope of Sumas Mountain east of Everson and Nooksack in Whatcom County. I had to make it ‘virtual’ because access is over private property, and it is not a great idea to muck around in the asbestos-laden clay of the landslide in any case. A time-lapse video showing 2.5 years of movement is here (Quick-time movie).

My friend Dan McShane did visit the landslide earlier this week, and posted a nice story about it, with good photos, on his blog, Reading the Washington Landscape. I encourage you to give it a read, particularly if you are interested in landslides, natural hazards, or the environment. Dan and his co-worker Kim Ninneman, in the company of WWU geology professor Scott Linneman, found that the toe of the slide has advanced down the narrow gorge just below the slide, impinging on a large rock outcrop and ponding water. Dan’s story tells the tale.


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