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Over 100,000 site visits!

Sometime last night, someone made the 100,000th visit to this website. I hope it was one of the three 10-year olds who went up to the Racehorse Creek fossil fields yesterday.

Geology is very much in the public eye, at least in the Northwest Corner. Thanks to you all for your support.

Dave Tucker


6 Responses

  1. Congratulations Dave (master of field trips)

  2. Congratulations, Dave! Your site is a GREAT resource for all! Keep up the great work!
    PS on the top bar – could that be a Dave Lewis enjoying a day of bushwhacking?

    • Terri, old friend,
      Thanks for that. The bushwacker in one of the header photos is, indeed, the inimitable Mr. Lewis. The photos on the header rotate, so others might see something else at adifferent time.

  3. Dave

    Congratulations! I always enjoy your posts. I look forward to taking many of your recommended field trips in the upcoming year. And you are always welcome to come and visit us on Orcas to take a look at my great slab of jackass conglomerate art!


  4. This website is definitely a public service! Thanks for all the info you put out there!!

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