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Updated trip to Nodule Point & Liplip on Marrowstone Island

Concretions in Scow Bay sandstone at Nodule Point. B. Mooers photo.

For whatever reason, the webpage describing the geology at Nodule Point on Marrowstone Island (south of Port Townsend) has received a lot of visits lately. I decided to see what I’d written back in the fall of 2010. I found that somehow I had deleted the photographs. I have replaced those with the originals from Dan McShane, or new ones provided by Bob and Adena Mooers, who field-checked the original trip. The trip describes latest glacial deposits, cannonball-like concretions, and best of all for this volcanophile, a basalt dike intruding the sandstone bedrock.

Visit the webpage here.

A dike cuts sandstone at Nodule Point. B. Mooers photo.

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