Amazing live video from Axial Seamount Volcano

Here is a link to a live video stream from a robotic submersible currently cruising around the Axial Seamount Volcano. Axial is a hotspot volcano on the Juan de Fuca spreading ridge 300 miles west of Astoria, and it erupted this April (video here). The submersible follows a cable on the seafloor. This link was sent by Alden Denny, a 2008 alum WWU geology alum and now a UW marine geology grad student out at sea on NOAA’s R/V Thompson.  Alden is working with the Ocean Observatories Initiative, Regional Scaled Nodes group which is installing a cabled observatory at Axial Seamount. The website is currently live-streaming HD video from the ROV ROPOS. This is amazing footage, so please take a look! There are great volcanic features, including blobby pillow lavas, hornitos. sometimes you just see blue water, but be patient, something fascinating is bound to appear eventually. How’s that for a field trip?! Sure beats TV!

I just watched an octopus drift by, and before that some lovely pillow lavas went by beneath the rover.


2 Responses

  1. Ok , I definatly want to take a geology field trip there! Very interesting video. Thanks Tucker

  2. If you want to see footage of pillow lava forming in Hawaiian waters, watch a repeat of the PBS program, Nature, on Kilauea. It shows tomorrow at noon and on the 24th at 2:00am. A person may be able to view it online also. The pillow lava part is at the end.

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