Racehorse Landslide fossil fields- access update

The trail through the clearcut leaves the road about 100 yards from where the road is now blocked off.

Since completion of logging adjacent to the Racehorse Creek fossil fields (Chuckanut Formation), the road has been blocked off about 100 yards below the trail- a tad less driving, a tad more walking. There are big berms built across the access road, but you can walk around them on the right, through the bushes. See the updated webpage here. I’ve highlighted changes in red. The big Doug fir at the end of the trail has died a slow death, smothered in the 2009 landslide debris, but it still makes for a good landmark to find the trail back out. The landslide is rapidly getting overgrown with fireweed and the like, but there are still plenty of fossils to be found. Today, I met a group of students from Harvard University geology department there, on their summer field course. All the way from Harvard to see our fossils. Imagine that. They found the place by stumbling across this website on the internet. Ain’t that somethin’?

If you go, consider taking some garden pruners to help keep the trail open. I brushed the trail today, but it can always use a little help.

2 Responses

  1. I drove there yesterday from Seattle, and found a fossil dawn redwood! It was the first time in my life I’ve found a fossil in the wild. It was amazing!

  2. Let me clarify: not the *whole* redwood, just a few needles 🙂

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