Diatryma painting time lapse video

Diatryma track discoverers George Mustoe (left) and Keith Kemplin at the display in WWU's ES building. Click to enlarge.

Marlin Peterson has made a new portrait of the 7-foot-tall flightless Eocene bird Diatryma. He donated a print to go along with the fossilized footprint we have on display at the WWU geology department. To see a youtube time lapse of Marlin making the painting, click here. It is pretty entertaining. Marlin’s painting reflects the new interpretation of the giant bird’s life style based on the foot prints found in the Chuckanut foothills a couple years ago.

Find links here to stories on this webpage about the discovery, rescue and display of this fascinating fossil footprint.

Diatryma skeleton and foot bones at Museum of Natural History, New York.


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