Chuckanut syncline on State Street is covered up.

State Street syncline then. . .

The little Chuckanut Formation syncline on State Street in Bellingham is now hidden behind a wall. I hope you got a chance to see it. I first noticed this feature over a year ago and wrote about it here. It was certainly the finest example of the axis of a fold that I know of in the Chuckanut, and at a very visible scale. It wasn’t exposed to human view for much over 18 months.This is the second short-lived exposure described on this website to be destroyed or covered by construction- the other was the ‘Samish Hill slab‘, also Chuckanut Formation.

. . . and now. Sigh.


2 Responses

  1. Reminds me of Kamata-sensei, complaining that all best exposures of ignimbrites and pyroclastic deposits were being covered up. Should have told the town council to build pillars instead of walls, to support whatever they need to support, so that you can still see what’s behind.

    • YEs, Marco. For those who don’t know, Marco is referring to road cuts in Kyushu, Japan. Really wonderful pyroclastics, but the Japanese highway policies say cover ’em all up with concree before they develop into landslides. It is really hard to find a good roadcut over there.

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