New USGS North Cascades Geologic map

USGS geologists Ralph Haugerud and Rowland Tabor have prepared a 1:200,000 scale map of North Cascades geology. It is published by the USGS and is available for download here. A wonderful added attraction- the map’s website includes over 100 color photos of North Cascades geology and landscapes.

The title is Geologic Map of the North Cascades Range, Washington (Scientific Investigations Map 2940). It carries a 2009 publication date, but has just come out. (Continued below image)

The new map by Haugerud and Tabor

The new map compiles several 1:100,000 scale geologic maps: Mount Baker, Robinson Mountain (Pasayten area), Sauk River, Twisp, Skykomish River, Chelan, Snoqualmie Pass, and Wenatchee. The map area extends from Ellensburg north to the international boundary, and from just east of the lowlands of the Salish Sea to Lake Chelan. It is accompanied by a nontechnical pamphlet written in a style similar to that used in the popular book, Geology of the North Cascades, that is, educational and appropriate to the nonprofessional citizen geologist.

FLASH NEWS– the Mountaineers have Tabor and Haugerud’s republished Geology of the North Cascades, the essential geologic primer and hiking guide to the mountains.


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  1. Dave:
    Thanks for posting this. Very interesting.

    John D

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