The making of the ‘Levitating Sphere’ sculpture, Whatcom CC

Happy New Year, everyone! I just stumbled across the website for the Seattle Solstice stone sculpture company. These are the folks who made the wonderful “Levitating Sphere” sculpture in front of Kulshan Hall at Whatcom Community College. Go to their webpage , click ‘portfolio’ and then visit ‘works in progress’. The upper of the two images on the left links to a brief slide show about how the sculpture was made. The website is obviously out of date, but no matter. They’ve made other rotating stone spheres, too.

The rotating sphere was made from the Donovan erratic, a Jackass Mountain conglomerate erratic just east of the corner of  32nd Street and Donovan in Bellingham’s Happy Valley neighborhood. The erratic was profiled here on this website.The base was made from another Jackass erratic, on Yew Street Road in front of Woodside Church, across from the KGMI radio station.

Stay tuned for a post in the next day or so asking you can participate in Pleistocene glacial research.


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