Update to Capricorn debris flow, Lillooet River, British Columbia

The debris flow deposit in Meager Creek runs north (toward top of photo) and at one time plugged the Lillooet River, running left to right.

Terry Spurgeon, of Coquitlam BC, sends us an updated description and guide to the deposit left by one of Canada’s largest recorded debris flows.  Click to go to the new report. This remarkable event and its deposit were first explored in these pages back in early October. The area is rapidly changing. I must apologize to Terry for taking so long to get this posted. Current weather conditions now make this area difficult to visit. We’ll look forward to further updates on this dynamic place from Terry.

Terry’s earlier contributions include the Shasta Court and Aldergrove erratics, and an initial description of the Capricorn Creek debris avalanche and debris flow.

Dave Tucker


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