New guides added to the Geology Guide Books page

I have added some published field trip guides and a couple of other interesting books to the Geology Guide Books page. All are from the current decade. They are the uppermost guides in the list on that page, and I give a brief descripton of what is included in each. I’ll try to be more diligent about expanding this list. You can help out by emailing titles, a jpg of the cover, links if there are any, and descriptions, to me: tuckerd at geol dot wwu dot edu.

2004 Geologic Field Trip to the Aldercrest–Banyon Landslide and Mount St. Helens, Washington, Part I—Stevenson to Castle Rock, compiled by Karl W. Wegmann.  Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources. Available online here.

2004 A Self-Guided Tour to the Columbia River Gorge- Portland Airport to Skamania Lodge, Stevenson, Washington. by David K. Norman and Jaretta M. Roloff. Washington Division of Geology and Earth Resources
Open File Report 2004-7,  March 2004. 9 pages. Available online here.

2002 Ice-Age Flood Features in the Vicinity of the Pasco Basin and the Hanford Reach National Monument, by Bruce Bjornstad. Ice Age Flood Institute.Available on line here.

2002  Geology and Plant Life- The Effects of Landforms and Rock Types on Plants, by Arthur R. Kruckeberg. University of Washington Press, Seattle.

2006 Discovering Washington’s Historic Mines vol 3, by Phil Woodhouse, Daryl Jacobson, and Victor Pisoni.


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