More about the dike of the Nodule Point Field Trip

I found out that the dike discussed in the Nodule Point field trip on the beach at Marrowstone Island has been previously described in two references.

The dikes [there are apparently ‘several of them’ in the area] were discussed in a Babcock, Suczek, and Engebretsen paper in 1994, and previously in a WWU MS in 1984 by L.A. Melim. Babcock and others say that Melim said that the dikes  are “petrographically similar to subaerial Crescent flows exposed near Port Ludlow”, so the Scow Bay sandstones could be intertongued with upper Crescent. It’s a good story, I’ll buy it.

I’ve added this to the field trip write up, with the appropriate references at the end.



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