Have you done one of these field trips?

I would love to hear back from everyone who has taken any of the geology field trips described on this website.  Please let me know if the directions were adequate, if the description matched what you saw, or needed more detail. Also, let me know your ‘level of expertise’ with geology- a professor, a student, untrained but know quite a bit, or interested but little background. Feel free to make up your own category.

I’m learning an awful lot writing these up. I am getting set to write a book that will have similar descriptions, and these are good practice. It is likely that none of the trips on the website [so far] will be in the book, however.

Just post a comment on the appropriate field trip page. If you haven’t posted before, it first comes to me as an email requesting my approval [with your email address]. If your comments have previously appeared on this website, it goes right onto the page.

Muchas gracias!



3 Responses

  1. Dave – I recently made a run up to the Glacier area, and checked out some of your Nooksack Falls sites. Very nice work. I found the mine shaft at the gate, the oxidized outcrop, and the greenstone quarry. We went up to Coal Pass and found anthracite up there, then took a drive up Clear Creek? (the one just down from Douglas Fir Campground that makes a northern run) and found a nice Chuckanut outcrop above a clearcut. I’d like to know where there are good outcrops for belemnites, if you know. Tim Fisher’s Ore-Rock-On DVD is kinda vague…


  2. Dave, You are doing a great job. We should meet up sometime. I am retired and can tag along some days if I am not doing something else, usually dealing with minerals or fossils. Wes

  3. I’ve done Silver Falls twice, the Mazama ash and the Raptor Ridge.
    Others are the “to do list”.
    But I will add I have really gotten a lot out of the very complete write ups you do. Hard work but appreciated!

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