Racehorse Landslide fossils

A fossil tree fern and a modern sword fern from the Racehorse Creek landslide.

Here’s a place to collect 50-million-year old plant fossils from the Chuckanut Formation. The Racehorse Creek landslide, which occurred in January of 2009, has left a lot of small, fossil-bearing rock slabs in the rubble. The field trip description is here on Northwest Geology Field Trips.

Visiting Korean earth science teachers hunt for fossils.


3 Responses

  1. Thanks for the great directions! A friend and I took our children out here yesterday and we had a fantastic time exploring, marvelling, and learning. Your photos, descriptions, and landmarks made it easy, and your blog site has so much helpful information, useful both before and after a trip to identify and understand various fossils and features.

  2. This is not just fossils but this is fossils everywhere. So many fossils that if you just sit down among them you can feel as though you have traveled back in time to a very different world. You must see this. I went to Fossil Oregon this year to dig for fossils and they have nothing compared to the landslide and Slide Mountain which opened up all its treasure for anyone to see. Lots and lots of palm leaves.

    • Sandy,
      Glad you liked the fossil field revealed by the Racehorse landslide. If you took any, how about sending some pics of your more interesting finds to me:
      tuckerd at geol dot wwu dot edu

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