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Republished: Hiking Guide to Washington Geology

Different title, same fun book!

This book was formerly known as Hiking Washington’s Geology. Written by Bob Carson of Whitman College, and Scott Babcock at Western Washington University.

Two geologists take us on 56 hikes throughout the state to see great geology, including some places covered on this website. The book is now published by Keokee Co. Publishing, Inc..

Non-fiction, 272 pages, 6″ x 9″ softcover
85 photos, 7 maps and a fully detailed guide to 56 trails
ISBN 978-1-879628-37-3


One Response

  1. I purchased this at GSA last fall, and it is a really great book. I’m looking forward to using it this spring.
    Nice blog, by the way – it’s nice to see something from the Northwest!

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