The Biggest Mutha’ erratic?

As promised, a new ‘Mother of all erratics’ west of the Cascades (so far- see the challenge at the bottom of the article. The Waterman Erratic is in the Saratoga Woods Preserve near Langley, Whidbey Island. You have to hike 20 minutes through the forest to get there.


The Waterman Erratic, Saratoga Woods Preserve, Whidbey Island.


3 Responses

  1. Would it be frowned upon if this rock was cleaned of it’s moss and somebody climbed it?

    • I’ll hesitate to say ‘yes’, since the land is held by the Land Trust. As a former rock climber, I understand the attraction. I’d definitely say ‘no’ to bolts or other permanent protection. The greenstone is very hard, and I remember few to no cracks or other obvious looking routes. But then, I never got beyond 5.11, wo what do I know?

  2. What if I was just to go bouldering on it?

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