Bellingham Herald discovers Northwest Geology Field trips website

The Bellingham Herald has a front page article today (Sunday, February 7, 2010) about this website.

Pretty cool, heh?

I’m on the road for the next few days exploring sites for an eventual geology field guide.




2 Responses

  1. Very cool DT! It seems like they must have done a fairly good job quoting you…I almost felt like I was talking to you in person. My favorite part was all the controversy your article caused by bumping the Superbowl from feature story status! Have a safe and fun road trip.

    • Yeah, Nikki, I was flabbergasted at how rapidly the discussion on the Herald’s ‘comment’ website devolved into political bickering about–Sarah Palin! ???? And moaning that we live in a woosy town because the Superbowl didn’t get front page in the paper but ‘a rockhound website’ did. Just shows that geology ROCKS in Bellingham! Thanks for reading! I am having a good roadtrip. Dave

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