Erratic unearthed beneath Everett school

A story in the Everett (Washington) Herald tells of a ‘VW Beetle’ sized boulder excavated beneath a school remodel project in that city. The plan to crack and remove the erratic (the Herald doesn’t call it that) is worth reading about. Wish we could know what sort of rock it is. Read the story at the Herald’s website:


3 Responses

  1. The erratic observed at Jefferson Elem…still being pulled apart by the contractor….much to his dismay…was a large granitic boulder.

  2. Hi Dave,

    I work for the company doing the geotech work on this site (Jon Hansen WWU alum works here too). Anyway, I’ve got a couple of chunks from this boulder that I can photograph and send you or I can mail them up to you for ID. There are a couple of us in the office curious about its origin.

    I was one of Jackie Caplan-Auerbach’s housemates in grad school but I studied shorelines so as far as I can tell this rock is granitic.


    • Jon, and Scott,
      Thanks for the info on the Jefferson Elementary School erratic in Everett. I’m willing to go along with Jon’s identification of the thing as a “large granitic boulder” (see his comment, above). But, I wouldn’t mind seeing it, too. Maybe one of you could send a nice close up of the rock sample to me at my WWU address:

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