Hike up the flood-scoured gorge of Silver Creek near Bellingham

Keith Kemplin walks the pipeline road in Silver Creek Gorge, 1/09

A new geologic field trip explores the narrow gorge on almost unknown City of Bellingham land in Silver Creek. There are fine examples of sedimentary crossbeds, concretions, coal, and a big conglomerate bed in Chuckanut Formation rock. The creek was scoured of brush and sediment by the January 7 2009 pineapple express.  The hike begins at the North Lake Samish exit on I-5, and is about 2 miles round trip. There’s no trail in the gorge, but it is not a difficult trip. I’ve included links to YouTube videos of the flooding. Perfect for a few hours of fun. Oh, I forgot to mention the beautiful hidden waterfall!


One Response

  1. With a printout of your Field Trip up Silver Creek in hand, I took a group of friends up there a few days back. We had a “field” day with cross-bedding, coal deposits, old wooden piping – of two distinctly different ages – and other stuff you mentioned. Also found lots of heavy chunks of cast iron. Great trip.

    And my friends are still friends.

    Bob Mooers

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